Bring Your Own Chromebook 

As a school we have been using Google Apps for Education for 6 years as a way to improve the way that staff and students work and collaborate electronically. For the past 4 years we have operated a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) scheme.

Chromebooks have taken the international education world by storm. More and more schools are opting for a 1:1 student-to-Chromebook ratio every day in the UK. They are perfect devices for use in schools - they are quick, light but robust and have a really long battery life. They run ChromeOS and students log on with their account.

A Chrome device license gives schools the opportunity to ensure students are safely browsing appropriate websites even when they are at home and not on the school Wi-Fi - a very important point for safeguarding our youngsters. 


Facts and Figures about our recommended Chromebooks


How to order a Chromebook for your child


Hardship and Students eligible for Pupil Premium
If you are eligible for Pupil Premium the school will contribute towards the cost of a Chromebook.
If you are not eligible for Pupil Premium but have a financial hardship, please email Mr Baker, Headteacher in confidence, to see how we can help.

Bringing your own device (BYOD)
You may have a Chromebook already when you arrive. That is fine. We highly recommend it is one with a
long battery life, is portable (preferably 11”) and you have it in a protected case when transporting it
between classes.
All of our devices have to be “managed” to keep students safe and to ensure learning is consistently and
effectively supported across the schools. If you have your own device, we will need to add the relevant
Google Education management software. We ask parents/guardians to make a one-off contribution of £17
for this.


Chromebook Letter

Acceptable use policy