When joining PRS at KS3 we provide our students with a challenging, enriching and varied curriculum allowing them to ‘Enjoy and Achieve’ their learning. The offering we provide meets all the requirements of the National Curriculum including English, Maths, Science, P.E. and a Modern Foreign Language. Students also follow courses in Art, Music and Technology. All students throughout PRS also take an hour of Enrichment each week (we like to call it ‘compulsory pleasure’). Students can choose from approximately 50 clubs including falconry, bee-keeping, chicken rearing and jewellery making. Choices are made for one half-term and then students move to a different club. This lesson takes place period 4 (Midday until 1 o’clock) every Wednesday.

Setting is in place in Year 7 from Day One in English, maths and science.  However, particularly in the first term and year, movement is fluid between the sets and allows us to ‘personalise’ our offering to all of our students. Setting takes place based on internal testing as well as Key Stage 2 SATS results and Teacher Assessment. A bespoke curriculum route has been created for a small number of our weakest academic students to help them quickly catch up with their peers as quickly as possible.

Further personalisation occurs in lessons through skilled differentiation for all students. SEND students benefit from outstanding support both in and out of lessons including a focus on literacy where this is required. For our more able students, stretch and challenge is provided throughout the school as evidenced by the NACE (National Challenge Award for Gifted, Able and Talented Students) Award. We are one of only 177 schools in the country to receive this award and it provides clear evidence of our ability to meet the needs of our most able students.

In tandem with the excellent transition programme that we provide for students between primary and secondary school our exciting curriculum offering meets the needs of all our learners and allows them to excel from day one academically, emotionally, spiritually and socially.