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Insignis Academy Trust currently consists of Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School and Princes Risborough School, however, its purpose is to work with other schools to create a significant enhancement to the education of students in and around Aylesbury.

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Business Studies

Business Studies introduces students to the dynamics of how a business is set up and organised.  It puts individuals in a much better position to enter the world of work in many types of business organisations. The courses offered also provide opportunities for the development of key skills such as ICT, team-working and communication. Many students who study Business Studies in the Sixth Form go on to study business and related courses within higher education institutions. 

The Team Facilities 
The business studies department offers business courses at Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5. At KS4 students study Edexcel Business and Economics course and at KS5 we also offer BTEC National Level 3 in business, BTEC National Level 3 in Travel and Tourism, and Edexcel A Level Economics and Business (as of 2015 this will be Economics B).  The courses offered within the department have access to computers and ICT is integrated within the programmes of study (at KS5 students are expected to have their own computer device).

Key Stage 4
In years 9, 10 and 11 Business Studies is an optional subject. More than 150 students currently study this subject with two groups in all years. Business Studies and Economics is an exciting GCSE that gives learners the best of both Business Studies and Economics so you don’t have to choose just the one subject, you get to study both! Students study Unit 1 Introduction to Small Business, Unit 2 Investigating Small Business and Unit 5 Introduction to Economic Environment. This course is assessed by two external examinations and one controlled assignment.

Post 16 Edexcel BTEC National level 3 in Business
Students can study the 3, 6, 9 or 12 unit qualification over year 12 and 13.  Compulsory units are Unit 1: The Business Environment, Unit 2: Business Resources, Unit 3:  Introduction to Marketing, Unit 4:  Business Communication.  Optional units cover topics such as accountancy, human resource management, setting up a small business, the economic environment and promotion.  All work is assessed by coursework.

Edexcel Economics and Business 
Students study 4 units over the 2 year course. In year 12 students will study Unit 1: Developing New Business Ideas and Unit 2b: Business Economics.  In year 13 students will study Unit 3: International Business and Unit 4b:  The Wider Economic Environment and Business.  All modules are assessed by external examinations which are taken in the June of years 12 and 13.

In 2015 this course will become Edexcel Economics (B) where students will study four themes; Markets, consumers and firms; The wider economic environment; The global economy; Making markets work. Students are assessed by three externally set examinations.

Post 16 BTEC National level 3 in Travel and Tourism
Students can study the 3 or 6 unit qualification.  Compulsory units are Unit 1: Investigating the Travel and Tourism Sector, Unit 2: The Business of Travel and Tourism and Unit 3:  The UK as a Destination.  Optional units cover topics such as employment, long haul destinations and customer service.  All work is assessed by coursework.