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Keeping your child safe online while they are off school


Dear Parents and Carers

The digital or ‘virtual’ world is a very exciting and ever changing experience for both our youngsters and ourselves. The potential and real dangers of the internet and of other digital communication is constantly there and developing in new and unexpected ways.

To keep up to date with the latest information we have subscribed to an Online Safety booklet which includes an overview of key parental controls.  

At school we try to ‘educate’ our youngsters, encouraging them to use and exploit the fantastic resources but to also be aware of the potential dangers and pitfalls. To help in this aim, the school provides learning opportunities about cyberbullying/cyber safety in a series of lessons and assemblies. All year groups have received this information. 

 To read our Cyber Safety Assembly Presentation please click here.

 Research shows that a school’s influence though is only about 20%. Your role, in talking through your child’s digital ‘behaviours’ is vastly more influential and we would really encourage you to be having regular conversations, debates and ‘show and tells’ with your children.

You will find some information and suggestions below and we would strongly advise you to attend one of our regular internet safety evenings. Please be as involved in your child’s virtual life as you are in their real one; the dangers AND the benefits are just as important.

 HMG Cyber Schools Programme

The HMG Cyber Schools Programme, being delivered as Cyber Discovery, is part of an ambitious skills programme designed to grow the UK's cyber capable workforce. It is intended to create a step change in specialist cybersecurity education and training for students in years 10-13 (14-18 year olds) across England. The aims of the extracurricular programme are to promote cybersecurity as an exciting and recognised career choice and to equip students with some of the skills needed to enter the cybersecurity profession. Cyber Discovery will also identify elite young talent and accelerate their entry into and interest in the cybersecurity profession.

Princes Risborough School is now a registered centre for Cyber Discovery. If you'd like to sign up to this exciting new programme, please follow this link: Join Cyber Discovery

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