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Insignis Academy Trust currently consists of Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School and Princes Risborough School, however, its purpose is to work with other schools to create a significant enhancement to the education of students in and around Aylesbury.

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Bring Your Own Device

As a school we have been using Google Apps for Education for 4 years as a way to improve the way that staff and students work and collaborate electronically. For the past 3 years we have operated a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) scheme that has been reasonably successful but the ‘take up’ has not been universal.

What we have found is that it has been tough to fully take advantage of the great cloud tools that we have in lessons when everyone has very different devices. For instance some students have been trying to do extensive writing and editing on a mobile phone, which has been cumbersome and in some cases less productive than using a pen and paper.

Chromebooks have taken the international education world by storm. More and more schools are opting for a 1:1 student-to-Chromebook ratio every day in the UK. They are perfect devices for use in schools - they are quick, light but robust and have a really long battery life. They run ChromeOS and students log on with their @prsbucks.com account.

A Chrome device license gives schools the opportunity to ensure students are safely browsing appropriate websites even when they are at home and not on the school Wi-Fi - a very important point for safeguarding our youngsters. 

Chromebooks can be bought new for as little as £150, or refurbished at £120 online. Whilst all current Chromebook specifications will be suitable for work we do at present with them, we would recommend a 4GB RAM device to be ‘future-ready’ as online tools require more processing power over the coming years. You are welcome to purchase a Chromebook yourself, but to be able to use it securely in school, we will require you to purchase a Chrome device license from the school at a cost of £18 over 3 years (£6/year).


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