At Princes Risborough School we try to offer a wide range of activities that enhance the curriculum and broaden horizons. Enrichment activities give students an opportunity to build skills, enjoy recreation, deepen their involvement in curriculum subjects and offer service to the community. The programme is designed to extend personal and social development and develop citizenship skills as well as complimenting any activities which take place during the school day.

Students have opportunities to learn a variety of skills, take part in learning which goes beyond the classroom and interact with adults, and teachers, in an environment where they can share expertise.

The ‘menu’ of activities alters slightly from term to term to accommodate ‘seasonal’ activities. Students sign up for activities through a google form which is emailed to their school email address.

Taking part in an enrichment activity each term became compulsory for all students at Princes Risborough School in September 2006. Since then our students have enjoyed access to a wide range of experiences many of which fall outside the scope of the normal school curriculum.

In order to be able to offer the widest choice and variety of activities we would very much like to hear from anyone who has skills or expertise they would be willing to share with our students with support from a member of the school staff. We are also happy to listen to any suggestions for activities we could offer that would appeal to a number of students.

Mrs Gough's contact details are; sgough@princesrisborough.bucks.sch.uk