House Information

Welcome to the House System at Princes risborough school!

At Princes Risborough School, students are divided into six Houses, that are named after iconic local places: Chequers (red), Chiltern (green), Icknield (yellow), Pyrtle Spring (purple), Ridgeway (pink) and Whiteleaf (dark blue).


Upon joining the school in Year 7, students are put into Houses and remain in those Houses until the end of Year 11, thus moving from 7RW, for example, to 8RW, then 9RW, 10RW & 11RW. Sixth Formers are also allocated to a House and may become House Captains when they join Year 12.


Every Form in each House has a Tutor and a Co-tutor.


Following the introduction of Heads of Year in September 2018, the Heads of House have disappeared and the House system (led by Mme Robson, as Head Champion and with the support of students, staff and parents alike) focuses on retaining the six Houses identity.


Every Monday (for Year 7) and Friday (for Years 8-11), Form time at am registration is dedicated to the House quiz, House points and House activities in which students are encouraged to participate. Students are rewarded with Achievement points and Praises on a Postcard for their participation with those events and there are other rewards such as a mufti day for the winning House  and a pizza party for each winning House within each Year group at the end of each term.


House assemblies take place once a term and all students are updated weekly on current competitions and positions on the House leader board.


So far this year, there have been:


  • A Year 7 House competition over the summer for new students to research their future House.


  • An Art House competition linked to raising our students' awareness about respecting their Environment.


  • A litter picking rota established for Years 7-9.


  • Reception runners in Houses for Years 7 & 8.


  • Year 7 & 8 hold a House Bucket list to complete throughout the year.


  • The Reverse Advent Calendar, just before Christmas, that raised donations for a local charity, to the charity Dogs for Good.


We are also planning the following:


  • Maths, Science and English competitions for the next term.


  • A 'Spring Cleaning' activity collecting unwanted clothes for charity.


  • A Talent show.


  • ...and lastly, our usual Sports Day in the summer.


All of these activities, as well as the Year 7 Spooky disco, our Dance competition and Christmas concert, carry achievement points for the participating students, which culminates with the  Rewards Day that is held  at the end of the academic year.


Through this system, we try and engender a Team spirit and ethos that makes our students  feel proud of belonging to their House; we simply ask that they strive to do their best, not just for themselves but also for the benefit of their House and the school.  


Aspire and Achieve all the way!


Pascale Robson

House Champion