The Hub

The Hub is our state-of-the-art dining area, providing all of our students with healthy, tasty and nutritious food, on a daily basis. Mr M Maslin (Head Chef) and his team of skilled and experienced cooks are dedicated to producing an ever-changing menu, which includes of a wide variety of hot and cold food, allowing students to tailor their choice to their individual preference.



The Hub incorporates a cashless catering system (ParentPay), which allows large numbers of students to buy food quickly and seamlessly, leaving them enough time to eat and enjoy their meal. Parents can also use the same system to keep track of what their child/children are eating during the day and plan meals at home accordingly.



Vending machines are also available to students looking to quickly obtain a healthy snack or cold drink.

The Terrace Café is located in our new sports facility (Community Sports Centre) and provides both hot and cold drinks, along with a variety of snacks and food, to support students in their busy academic and extra-curricular social lives.

A small breakfast can also be provided.


Breakfast: 08:00 - 08:30

Break: 11:00 - 11:20

Lunch: 13:20 - 13:55