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Insignis Academy Trust currently consists of Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School, The Mandeville School, The Kingsbrook School and Princes Risborough School, however, its purpose is to work with other schools to create a significant enhancement to the education of students in and around Aylesbury.

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Bring Your Own Chromebook 

Princes Risborough School is committed to providing the best learning experience for our students and preparing them for the wider world outside of school. We strongly believe that this means providing students with access to technology. We want to provide each and every pupil with their own personalised learning device which they can use at school and at home. We know that for parents, making an investment in technology isn’t always possible. If the technology is available at home, it may not be suitable to bring it into school, in case of issues with security and compatibility.

In order to provide seamless access to technology, we have partnered with Freedom Tech to launch the Tech 4 Learners 1:1 device programme.

How it works

Parents will make fixed monthly payments to access the technology. There is also an option to pay in full if this is preferred. For parents and students, Tech 4 Learners offers:

  • The latest technology for students: a personalised learning device they can use at school and at home
  • Enhanced learning outcomes through consistent access to technology and powerful learning resources
  • Fully covered technology - each device is protected in the event of any warranty or repair claims, for the duration of the programme
  • The ability to pay for the latest technology in manageable monthly payments
  • No personal credit checks - get up and running and contributing
  • The device is yours at the end of programme at no extra cost

The information below is regarding the September 2022 entry (current Year 7s).  This will soon be updated to show information for students joining PRS in 2023.

2022 entry


How long can I spread the payments over?

You are able to pay all upfront, or over 12, 24 or 36 months depending on how long your child has left at the school.

What happens at the end of the agreement?

On your final payment the device becomes yours.

Will there be any credit checks?

No, everyone is approved and there are no credit checks.

What is the excess on the insurance policy?

There is no excess on either the insurance or warranty and you will receive the policy details with your device.

How do I make an insurance or warranty claim?

You will be provided with a policy and claims document detailing how to make a warranty or insurance claim.

Can they use the device at home?

Yes, the student can use the device to further enhance their learning and we recommend that you set your security setting on your Wi-Fi accordingly.

How many devices can I order?

One per student at the school.

What happens if I miss a payment or can no longer afford the device?

You will have to return the device; you will not own the device until the final payment is made.

What happens if I cannot afford to join the scheme?

The school requires everyone to have a device. If you require financial assistance then please contact the school to discuss as they may be able to provide support.

Can I bring my own device that I have already purchased?

Yes, but you do so at your own risk.

What if I my child leaves the school?

You must return the device to the school or alternatively pay the outstanding payments to take ownership of the device.


For any further questions, please see our additional FAQs section at: www.freedomtech.co.uk/faq

If your query is not answered in our FAQs, please contact us by visiting: www.freedomtech.co.uk/help/

Please raise a ticket by choosing type ‘Other’ and we will respond to you within 4 working hours.


Hardship and Students eligible for Pupil Premium

If you are eligible for Pupil Premium the school will contribute towards the cost of a Chromebook.
If you are not eligible for Pupil Premium but have a financial hardship, please apply to our Welfare Fund.

Bringing your own device (BYOD)

You may have a Chromebook already when you arrive. That is fine. We highly recommend it is one with a
long battery life, is portable (preferably 11”) and you have it in a protected case when transporting it
between classes.
All of our devices have to be “managed” to keep students safe and to ensure learning is consistently and
effectively supported across the schools. If you have your own device, we will need to add the relevant
Google Education management software. We ask parents/guardians to make a one-off contribution of £30
for this.