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Careers trips and Events at PRS

2023 - 2024

Year 13 Politics, History and Sociology students visited Parliament in October. They took part in a debating workshop designed to build their knowledge of the parliamentary process and introduce them to 'parliamentary ping pong.' Students saw Rishi Sunak take questions in the House of Commons and sat in on a debate in the House of Lords. 


Two of our Year 12 students took part in a work experience opportunity with The Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust.  They had the opportunity to shadow Junior doctors and Consultants within the Respiratory Ward at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.  Thank you to the NHS team at Stoke Mandeville Hospital for supporting the students with this fantastic opportunity.

“It was such a thrilling experience seeing a day in their life on the ward. I accompanied them around the morning ward walks as well as being able to discuss patients' health and well-being. I was even fortunate enough to be able to view patients' lung X-Rays from where they were struggling with pneumonia, as well as discussing how the doctors deal with co-ordinating patients' end of life care. This experience was extremely valuable to me as it gave me a real insight into daily life into my future dream career and it has given me more academic motivation to help me achieve my goals.”   Loreanna 

“I really enjoyed my experience in this process. I watched a mastectomy and a muscle reconstruction for a 33 year old patient with Stage 4 Cancer. I was able to ask the breast and plastic surgeon any questions I had and they were able to talk me through their career path. I found this experience extremely valuable and I was able to experience what work in the medical field would be like.”   May



 Year 12 Speed Networking


As part of an off-timetable day for our Year 12s, we invited 15 local and national companies to take part in our Speed Networking Event.  All Year 12 students were invited to take part in this networking opportunity.  Each student prepared their own questions for the companies with the aim to gain a better understanding of entry requirements for professions and typical workload.  With our ever growing Sixth Form, we were able to use both the Hall and Sixth Form Study Centre for the two hour event. 

Companies who took part: FCC Environment, Bucks CC, MoD, Ercol, Fremantle, APM, CPM, NHS, ViiVHealth Care, Pepsico, Independent Mortgage Solutions, DMC Advantage, Zenopa, Raven Social, Lightfoots Solicitors. 

Year 12 Student Voice:

"There are lots of different career paths I can go down just by taking one subject"

"I found the information I needed to do the course I wanted to do"

"There are many jobs that will suit you you just have to look into them more"

"The key learning outcome from the session was that all jobs contain a wide network of jobs within each other"

This will be an annual event for our Sixth Form, if you are part of an organisation who would like to be involved in next years event or similar Careers events please contact


Year 11 Guidance Interview

Tim Swithenbank has this term joined our Careers Team at PRS as a Level 6 qualified Careers Adviser.  He will offer an impartial career advice and guidance meeting to all year 11 students this academic year and careers groupwork sessions for our Year 8 students.  This 1-2-1 personal guidance meeting will give all students the opportunity to explore their post-16 options and future careers. 

Student Voice:

"It was very clear and showed how I can access different websites and which websites to use that focused on what I was interested in, even though originally I had no clue. This session helped me to focus my search more and to see what was available with the grades I'm likely to get and what route I would like to go down. It was very focused and specific to my interest/ subject and to what I said"

"Very nice gentleman who was able to give me additional information about the industry I want to work in. He also showed me some extra qualifications that I could gain that might help me get into the industry."

All year 11 students will be offered a careers interview this year.  Please check your emails for your appointment time, your tutor will also inform you ahead of the meeting.


The Right Honourable Sir David Liddington, former Deputy Prime Minister and Lord Chancellor came to talk to our A Level Politics classes. He was able to support their learning about British Government through his knowledge of the parliamentary process, from his time as a backbench MP right up to his appointment to senior ministerial positions. The students came prepared with many excellent questions.

Andy McCrea from Elite Physical Medicine who showed our students Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Scanning to produce pictures of muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints throughout the body.

Trip to Wycombe Chair Museum