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Insignis Academy Trust currently consists of Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School and Princes Risborough School, however, its purpose is to work with other schools to create a significant enhancement to the education of students in and around Aylesbury.

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Covid-19 Mass Testing Information & Consent

Covid-19 Testing

Testing is voluntary, so we must have your consent to do this. Please read the documents below and complete an online Consent Form by clicking on this link:  Consent Form

You will need to submit a form for each of your children.


I do not want my child/My child does not want to be tested. Will they be stopped from attending lessons or penalised in any way?

Testing is voluntary and no child or young person will be tested unless informed consent has been given by the appropriate person and the child and young person is willing to be tested. Nobody will be prevented from attending lessons if they have not been tested (unless they need to isolate as part of a group of contacts of a student who does test positive).

We strongly encourage all children and young people who are receiving face-to-face education to have the test, however, wherever it is possible to do so, to help identify asymptomatic positive cases and support appropriate self-isolation to break the chain of transmission (in their own community).  

If young people are so rarely seriously ill from Covid, why is it so important that they are all tested?

It is crucial that we continue to try to break the chains of transmission of the virus.  If students pick up the virus in school they can transmit it to their families and anyone else they see outside school, who may, in turn, have much more serious reaction to the virus.

Around one in three people who have coronavirus have no symptoms and will be spreading it without realising it, so by identifying and containing these asymptomatic cases we can reduce transmission. 

My child isn’t going to take part in testing, so when do they return to school?

 Students who are not participating in testing should attend school in line with the return arrangements (from Monday 8th March). Lessons will continue online until then. The only exception is for vulnerable children and children of critical workers, who can continue to attend as they have been doing since January. 

Can I attend the testing with my child?

Testing will take place in the sports hall. Please do not come into the sports hall with your child unless it is absolutely necessary.  

Why does my child need 3 tests?

 The efficacy of testing using Lateral Flow devices increases the more times the test has been completed, so the Department for Education have recommended all children are offered three tests, spaced 3-5 days apart, in order to break the chain of transmission and ensure schools can be as safe as possible when students return. 

If my child tests positive, will they have to have a confirmatory PCR test?

When lateral flow testing is done at an asymptomatic test site like the one set up at Princes Risborough School, the student will not need a confirmatory PCR test. They will have to self-isolate along with current government guidance.

If my child has had a positive test in the last 90 days, should they be tested?

 Yes, the NHS has removed the 90-day exclusion rule, so all students are eligible to be tested.

 So if students are being tested, why do they still need to wear a face covering, wash or sanitise hands, socially distance etc. around the school?

 Though they are an enormous help, tests are not guaranteed to be accurate, so they cannot replace existing protective measures, which should continue for now.

 I know students had to wear face coverings when they walked around the school. Why do they now have to wear them in classrooms?

 Extending the use of face coverings to classrooms has been introduced by the government as a temporary measure until Easter.  They have said they will keep it under review and the school will continue to follow this guidance unless/until it is changed.

Irrespective of the tests, I don’t feel happy with my child returning to school after 8th March. 

Clinically extremely vulnerable students should stay at home until further notice.  They should not attend school while the government's shielding advice is in place nationally. This applies even if students have had a coronavirus vaccine.

Attendance for all other students is mandatory, unless they are self-isolating.