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Insignis Academy Trust

Insignis Academy Trust currently consists of Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School, The Mandeville School, The Kingsbrook School and Princes Risborough School, however, its purpose is to work with other schools to create a significant enhancement to the education of students in and around Aylesbury.

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Princes Risborough School

Princes Risborough School

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Our Staff

Reception: 01844 345496 Office: office@prsbucks.com


Mr Simon Baker Headteacher sbaker@prsbucks.com
Mr Vincent Forshaw Deputy Headteacher vforshaw@prsbucks.com
Mrs Clare Audemard Assistant Headteacher Teacher of English caudemard@prsbucks.com
Mr Michael Durose Assistant Headteacher Teacher of PE / DSL mdurose@prsbucks.com
Mrs Sarah Kallay Assistant Headteacher SENDCO skallay@prsbucks.com
Mrs Alison Tuffin Assistant Headteacher Teacher of English atuffin@prsbucks.com

Headteacher & Deputy Headteacher (ID 1007)


Senior Leadership Team (ID 1006)



Mrs Kath Cheetham Lead Practitioner Head of Department of Social Sciences kcheetham@prsbucks.com
Mr Mark Instone Lead Practitioner Teacher of History minstone@prsbucks.com
Ms Lowri Puttick Lead Practitioner Teacher of Science lputtick@prsbucks.com
Mr Jonny Smith Lead Practitioner Head of Department of English jsmith@prsbucks.com
Mrs Michelle Wallington Lead Practitioner
Head of Sixth Form/Head of Department of Maths mwallington@prsbucks.com
Mrs Vikki Woodley Lead Practitioner Head of Department of Performing Arts vwoodley@prsbucks.com

Extended Leadership Team 1 (ID 1008)

Extended Leadership Team 2 (ID 1009)



Mrs Laura Beeden Head of Department Design & Technology lbeeden@prsbucks.com
Ms Michelle South Curriculum Leader for Art Art msouth@prsbucks.com
Miss Aaliyah Akhtar Teacher Design & Technology aakhtar@prsbucks.com
Mrs Laura Calvert Teacher Design & Technology lcalvert@prsbucks.com
Mrs Lorraine Bright Teacher Design & Technology lbright@prsbucks.com
Miss Jade Hopcroft Teacher Art jhopcroft@prsbucks.com
Mr Chad MacFarlane Teacher Design & Technology cmacfarlane@prsbucks.com
Mrs Cath Pilkington Teacher Design & Technology cpilkington@prsbucks.com
Miss Nicola Scott Teacher Art nscott@prsbucks.com
Mrs Lisa Farrow Technician Food lfarrow@prsbucks.com
Mr Guy Nickless Technician Design & Technology gnickless@prsbucks.com
Ms Rebecca Smart Technician Art rsmart@prsbucks.com
Mr Jonny Smith Head of Department English / Mindfulness jsmith@prsbucks.com
Mrs Bronwyn Townsend Curriculum Leader for English English btownsend@prsbucks.com
Mrs Clare Audemard Teacher  English caudemard@prsbucks.com
Miss Sarah Bull Teacher English sbull@prsbucks.com
Mr Matthew Chiverton Teacher  English mchiverton@prsbucks.com
Mrs Carol Croom Teacher English ccroom@prsbucks.com
Mrs Anwen Gardner Teacher / Head of Year 9 English agardner@prsbucks.com
Ms Mariam Khawaja Teacher English mkhawaja@prsbucks.com
Miss Nicky Rochford Teacher English nrochford@prsbucks.com
Mr Tom Sheppard Teacher English tsheppard@prsbucks.com
Mrs Zettie Taylor Teacher English / Mindfulness ztaylor@prsbucks.com
Mrs Srishti Tahiliani Teacher English stahiliani@prsbucks.com
Mrs Alison Tuffin Teacher English atuffin@prsbucks.com
Miss Sophie Madden Head of History History smadden@prsbucks.com
Miss Olivia Walters Head of Geography / Leader for EPQ Geography owalters@prsbucks.com
Miss Chloe Eacott Teacher History ceacott@prsbucks.com
Mr Russell Evans Teacher Geography revans@prsbucks.com
Mr Mark Instone Teacher History & Politics minstone@prsbucks.com
Mrs Sarah Kallay Teacher History skallay@prsbucks.com
Mr Jordan McLeod Teacher History jmcleod@prsbucks.com
Miss Aisling Murray Teacher History award@prsbucks.com
Mr James Saunders Teacher Geography jsaunders@prsbucks.com
Mrs Michelle Wallington Head of Department Mathematics mwallington@prsbucks.com
Mrs Rebecca Mullins Swift Curriculum Leader for Maths Mathematics rmullinsswift@prsbucks.com
Ms Giselle Deane Teacher Mathematics gdeane@prsbucks.com
Ms Sarah Gottschalk Teacher  Mathematics sgottschalk@prsbucks.com
Mr George Hurst Teacher / Head of Year 7 & 8 Mathematics ghurst@prsbucks.com
Mrs Nereah Okumu Teacher Mathematics nokumu@prsbucks.com
Mrs Sarah Rowe Teacher Mathematics srowe1@prsbucks.com
Miss Maisie Wiggs Teacher Mathematics mwiggs@prsbucks.com
Ms Jessica Williams Teacher / Professional Tutor Mathematics jwilliams@prsbucks.com
Madame Pascale Robson  Head of MFL Department French probson @prsbucks.com
Mr Robbie James Teacher Spanish rjames@prsbucks.com
Mrs Vikki Woodley Head of Performing Arts Dance vwoodley@prsbucks.com
Mr Joshua Abraham Teacher Music jabraham@prsbucks.com
Miss Emily Colebrook Teacher Dance ecolebrook@prsbucks.com
Miss Nicki Rochford Teacher Drama nrochford@prsbucks.com
Mr Gareth Tuffin Head of Department Physical Education gtuffin@prsbucks.com
Mr Mike Durose Teacher Physical Education mdurose@prsbucks.com
Mrs Emma Gibbs Teacher Physical Education egibbs@prsbucks.com
Mr Jacob Hutchings Teacher Physical Education  jhutchings@prsbucks.com
Miss Eryn Morton Curriculum Leader for Outdoor Education Physical Education emorton@prsbucks.com
Mr Sam Twitchell Teacher Physical Education stwitchell@prsbucks.com
Mr James Stewart Teacher Physical Education jstewart@prsbucks.com
Mr Ryan Glover PE Technician Physical Education rglover@prsbucks.com
Mrs Susie Davoren Head of Department Science sdavoren@prsbucks.com
Miss Tilly Bailey Teacher  Science tbailey@prsbucks.com
Mr Gilmour Farley Curriculum Leader for Physics Science gfarley@prsbucks.com
Miss Dani Pearce Teacher Science dpearce@prsbucks.com
Ms Lowri Puttick Teacher Science lputtick@prsbucks.com
Ms Simone Riggien Teacher Science sriggien@prsbucks.com
Mr Reece Territt Teacher Science rterritt@prsbucks.com
Ms Sarah Watkins Curriculum Leader for Biology Science swatkins@prsbucks.com
Miss Toni Woods Teacher / Professional Tutor Science twoods@prsbucks.com
Mrs Jill Edwards Technician & Resources Co-ordinator Science office@prsbucks.com
Ms Mandie Fickling Technician Science office@prsbucks.com
Ms Ruth Firth Technician Science office@prsbucks.com
Mr Mark Instone Head of Department Business Studies & IT minstone@prsbucks.com
Mr Sam Evans Teacher IT sevans@prsbucks.com
Mr Lewis Hunt Teacher Business Studies lhunt@prsbucks.com
Mrs Caroline Lush Teacher Business Studies clush@prsbucks.com
Mr Nickolas Mitchell Teacher IT nmitchell@prsbucks.com
Miss Aisling Murray Teacher Business Studies amurray@prsbucks.com
Mrs Kath Cheetham Head of Department Citizenship kcheetham@prsbucks.com
Miss Chloe Eacott Teacher Sociology ceacott@prsbucks.com
Miss Hannah Larkai Head of PSHE / Head of Year 11 PSHE, Psychology, Sociology & Citizenship hlarkai@prsbucks.com
Miss Danielle Pearce Teacher  Psychology dpearce@prsbucks.com
Mr Sam Twitchell Teacher Psychology stwitchell@prsbucks.com
Miss Danielle Wallace Teacher / House Champion Health & Social Care, Citizenship & Sociology dwallace@prsbucks.com




Mrs Carlene Carter-Blair Data Manager & Exams Manager Exams ccarterblair@prsbucks.com
Mrs Sue Gough Headteacher's PA Headteacher's PA sgough@prsbucks.com
Miss Laura Howard Exams Officer Exams lhoward@prsbucks.com
Ms Judy Morey Receptionist Administration jmorey@prsbucks.com
Mrs Sian Quesnell Comms, Events & Reprographics Officer Administration squesnell@prsbucks.com
Mr Tim Swithenbank Independent Careers Advisor Careers tswithenbank@prsbucks.com
Mrs Elizabeth Walker Student Welfare Officer Medical and Administration ewalker@prsbucks.com
Mrs Sarah Kallay Head of Department / SENDCO SEND Department skallay@prsbucks.com
Ms Karen Geddes Assistant SENDCO SEND Department kgeddes@prsbucks.com
Mrs Linda Williams SEND Manager SEND Department lwilliams@prsbucks.com
Mr  Matthew Stone EAL Coordinator & Careers Co-ordinator SEND Department mstone@prsbucks.com
Mrs Louise Tuvey Interventions Lead SEND Department ltuvey@prsbucks.com
Mrs Elizabeth Walsh Interventions Lead SEND Department ewalsh@prsbucks.com
Mrs Rachel Boast Assistant Teacher SEND Department rboast@prsbucks.com
Miss Eva Flander Assistant Teacher SEND Department eflander@prsbucks.com
Miss Lisa Higgins Assistant Teacher SEND Department lhiggins@prsbucks.com
Ms Tina Hughes Assistant Teacher SEND Department thughes@prsbucks.com
Ms Nataliia Kuraptseva Assistant Teacher SEND Department nkuraptseva@prsbucks.com
Mrs Toni MacDonald Assistant Teacher SEND Department tmacdonald@prsbucks.com
Ms Chaitali Mehta Assistant Teacher SEND Department cmehta@prsbucks.com
Mrs Anne-Marie O'Sullivan Assistant Teacher SEND Department aosullivan@prsbucks.com
Ms Sue Patience Assistant Teacher SEND Department spatience@prsbucks.com
Mrs Louise Reid Assistant Teacher SEND Department lreid@prsbucks.com
Mrs Sophie Shaw Assistant Teacher SEND Department sshaw@prsbucks.com
Mrs Yvonne Stevens Assistant Teacher SEND Department ystevens@prsbucks.com
Ms Olha Tsvihun Assistant Teacher SEND Department otsvihun@prsbucks.com
Ms Maryna Zholtikova Assistant Teacher SEND Department mzholtikova@prsbucks.com
Mrs Vicky Bennell Raising Achievement Officer for Year11 Pastoral vbennell@prsbucks.com
Ms Sophia Brannan Raising Achievement Officer for Year 10 Pastoral sbrannan@prsbucks.com
Mrs Janine Carter Raising Achievement Officer for Year 7 Pastoral jcarter@prsbucks.com
Mrs Sue Hine Pastoral Manager / Head of Year 10 Pastoral shine@prsbucks.com
Mrs Laura Redrup Raising Achievement Officer for Sixth Form and Lead on Careers Pastoral lredrup@prsbucks.com
Mr Darren Toovey Raising Achievement Officer for Year 9 Pastoral dtoovey@prsbucks.com
Mrs Sarah Uhart Raising Achievement Officer for Year 8 Pastoral suhart@prsbucks.com

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